‘Good Move shows it is possible: one single plan for all of Brussels’

one.brussels is delighted with the approval of the regional mobility plan Good Move.

The new regional mobility plan Good Move is based on a neighbourhood-oriented approach with one overarching, clear vision that is widely supported. A model that one.brussels would also like to extend to other domains in Brussels. The strategic mobility plan takes into account more or less 50 neighbourhoods in the Brussels city region that have been identified on the basis of real infrastructural lines and the real urban fabric, rather than more arbitrary and irregular municipal boundaries.

Each neighbourhood (called ‘meshes’ in the plan) will receive a more detailed plan in the coming years. This plan will be adapted to the specificities of the neighbourhood, with a focus on the quality of life of its inhabitants. For example, transit traffic will no longer be possible and the maximum speed within the neighbourhood will be limited at 30 km per hour. This shift towards a neighbourhood-oriented approach can also be found in the neighbourhood and urban renewal contracts and is encouraged by one.brussels. 

According to one.brussels, Good Move is the result of a professional and efficient approach. Good Move emerged by joining forces, during a major co-construction process in which most of the Brussels and Belgian actors from both the public and private sector took part. No less than 8000 people participated in the online survey during the public consultation. Hundreds of organisations and associations also submitted their comments. The general principles of Good Move were supported by an overwhelming majority.

State Secretary Pascal Smet (one.brussels):

"The Good Move process also shows that scaling up pays off. Good Move has become a plan that focuses on the quality of life of all 1,2 million Brusselers. Furthermore, its refined, neighbourhood-oriented approach allows to take much better account of the individual needs of the Brusselers than when 19 municipalities would each follow their own approach."

It is no coincidence that Pascal Smet, forerunner of one.brussels, was at the origin of the Good move process as Minister of Mobility and that he presented the plan a first time in April 2019. As State Secretary for Urbanism, Pascal Smet will now take on the role of ‘Quality Controller’ of Good Move. Before granting a permit, Smet will make sure that the principles of Good Move are met for each redevelopment of public space in Brussels, whether carried out by the Region or by a municipality.  

More information on Good Move: https://pascalsmet.brussels/en/project/good-move-en/