wants a park that connects Place Flagey with Bois de la Cambre

Redesign of Ixelles ponds must lead to new green axis repeats its call to make one green axis for pedestrians and cyclists between Place Flagey, the Ixelles ponds, La Cambre Abbey and Bois de la Cambre. This week, the municipal council of Ixelles announced that the maximum speed for cars in the area around the Ixelles ponds will be reduced to 30 km/hour as from March. This summer, the roads between the Ixelles ponds will also be closed to traffic on a trial basis. Following requests of the local sp.a, the Ixelles majority intends to make some interventions at the banks of the Ixelles ponds. 

Member of the Brussels Parliament Hilde Sabbe (, member of the Environment Committee: 

“For traffic safety in the neighbourhood, it is a good thing that the speed limit goes down. However, this does not solve the structural shortage of open green spaces in this densely populated area. At the slightest ray of sunshine, the banks of the Ixelles ponds are very crowded. People from the neighbourhood are gasping for a refreshing breath. By making some small interventions, one large green axis between Place Flagey and Bois de la Cambre can be formed. The locals will be able to relax and cyclists and pedestrians will be able to cross the city without having to worry about traffic.”

By transforming existing transit roads at a few strategic locations into axes for pedestrians and cyclists with access for the residents, a car free axis can be created with relatively small interventions. A green axis that starts at Place Flagey and ends after more than a kilometre in Bois de la Cambre. already made a concrete proposal, with a plan and simulation images, before the local elections in 2018. As a result, the following elements were included in the municipal agreement of Ixelles:
“Redesigning the connection between La Cambre Abbey, the Ixelles ponds and Place Flagey in order to ensure the continuity of the cycling and pedestrian routes between both public squares and in order to offer a quiet and green urban road with respect for the heritage, the landscape qualities of the site and the environment.”

In 2019, repeated in its program the will to build green axes in the entire region. The Flagey-La Cambre axis is one of the priorities.

Brussels Secretary of State for Urbanism Pascal Smet ( is pleased with the proposal and promises regional support for the project:

“Since we converted Place Flagey into a real square ten years ago, Ixelles has been reviving. Last year, we made Chaussée d’Ixelles car-free and we turned Place Fernand Cocq into a beautiful, lively square. The idea to make a green connection between Flagey and La Cambre is more than a proposal. It is pure logic. The Brussels minds are gradually getting ready to really create a city for people. Being in charge for Urbanism, I fully support the project.”